This is URGENT and important for everyone who drinks RAW MILK and for those who want raw cows and goats milk available to perhaps not yourselves but for others you know…to make their wishes known to the NZ government’s Ministry for Primary Industries.


    “The Ministry for Primary Industries invites all interested parties to make written submissions on the issues raised and options presented in this consultation  document. MPI is particularly interested in receiving feedback on the practical implementation of each option.”

So if you are keen to be able to continue sourcing raw milk, however you currently do, then PLEASE take the time to type a few words down and send to MPI/NZ.

All submissions must be in BEFORE 5:00pm Tuesday 8 July 2014.


You can either do all or part of the submission online via this link
or our preferred choice, email your own submission to 
All submissions must be in BEFORE 5:00pm Tuesday 8 July 2014.

Information on raw milk from a NZ perspective may be found here: while an international pro-raw milk website is here:


NB:  If you are interested in nutrition, you will enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Our home page is You can buy copies or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link: