Why enzymes may be vital to recovery from “Long Covid” – and Covid jab injuries

As early as 2020, doctors who were treating Covid patients who required hospital care had observed that many of these patients were suffering from excessive blood clotting, which could result in large clots (which could result in a stroke or heart attack) or microclots in small blood vessels (which, if sufficiently numerous, could starve the tissues in the vicinity of oxygen and lead to organ... Read More | Share it now!

Editor’s pick: Best video series on the novel corona virus

We have quite a lot of written information on our website about COVID-19 -you can see the list of articles on our site by clicking on the link below: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/list-of-covid-19-related-articles-on-this-website/ We would now like to recommend to you the best series of videos we have seen on the COVID-19 pandemic. They are on medcram.com’s youtube channel and are presented by the... Read More | Share it now!

Free online EMF Health Summit 18 – 24 September

Website editor’s note:  What follows is an email from Josh del Sol Beaulieu who is the director of the award winning documentary Take Back Your Power on wireless so call “smart”  (or “advanced”) electricity meters.  The documentary is now free to view on at the website www.takebackyourpower.net. Free online EMF Health Summit Dear Katherine, As of today, free registration for the... Read More | Share it now!

Professional development opportunities September 2018

Nutrisearch has organise four professional development opportunities in early September in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch with the events taking place on September 7, 10 11 and 12th respectively. These events are open to healthcare professionals and healthcare students. They feature experienced naturopath Robert Thomas and Dr. Christine Houghton, PhD. The  focus of the .evenings is on the science... Read More | Share it now!

FREE Online Mental Wellness Summit

Website editor’s note: If you or someone you know are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or have been diagnosed as suffering from anxiety or depression, or some sort of addiction, the upcoming (from September 25 – October 2) FREE Mental Wellness Summit will provide new information and self-help tools. It’s also relevant for people who are working at a management level in business (or are... Read More | Share it now!

Training in science-based treatment of mental health problems available in Melbourne

Website editor’s note:The following text has been excerpted from the website of Bio=Balance Health – an organisation the provides training to physicians in science-based treatments for people who have been diagnosed with conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, autism, bipolar etc. The organisation’s website also provides a link to help people locate a doctor who has trained with... Read More | Share it now!

Introducing Dr. Kelly Brogan’s Calm Body Clear Mind

Website editor’s note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is proud that Dr. Kelly Brogan is one of our regular contributors. Dr. Brogan has chosen to specialise in holistic psychiatry to improve women’s health. In addition to running a successful medical practice, her best-selling book A Mind of Your Own and her online programme Vital Mind Reset offer women who have been suffering from common... Read More | Share it now!

Just One Drop documentary about homoeopathy to screen in NZ

Website editor’s note:  The following information comes from the NZ Homoeopathic Society which has been supporting the public and practitioners alike with information about this useful non-toxic system of medicine for many years.  If you are a supporter of homoeopathy you are invited to contact the Society’s volunteer coordinator if you are interested in helping with  film screenings and/or... Read More | Share it now!

Geovital Events in Nelson on September 5 and 6

Website editor’s note: The following information comes from Geovital International which provides education about electromagnetic radiation and health as well products to help create healthier homes including paints and that reduce non ionising radiation (from sources such as nearby cell phone towers) entering the home.  The company also sells high quality hypoallergenic mattresses.   New for Nelson... Read More | Share it now!

FREE Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

Website editor’s note: If you are interested in science, genetics in particular or are simply interested in personalised medicine or strategies to improve your health, the Interpreting Your Genetics Summit offers you the opportunity  many great international speakers for FREE   The message below comes from Mary Beth Gonzalez who has established the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation to continue the work of her... Read More | Share it now!

Confused about GMOs? Get the Real Facts!

Ed note:  The following message comes from Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jeff Hays and Dr. Beau Pierce who have teamed up to create a great documentary series on genetic engineering and our food supply. This exiting FREE online event is begins on August 22 and runs until August 31. Please sign up for FREE access by clicking HERE.   It’s being called “The Biggest Environmental Disaster in the History of... Read More | Share it now!

An introduction to homeoprophylaxis

Website editor’s note: The article below discusses a form of homeopathy known as homeoprophylaxis (also spelled homoeoprophylaxis). This form of homoeopathy is intended to prevent, rather than treat, a disease.  This article briefly discusses the history of homeoprophylaxis and gives some examples of how mass homeoprophylaxis campaigns have been successfully used to reduce the risk of infectious disease. ... Read More | Share it now!

Vaccines Revealed Live Q&A

Website editor’s note:  The text below is a special message from Patrick Gentempo from the excellent docu-series Vaccines Revealed. To register to be part of this event and also get access to the docuseries FREE for a limited time, please click HERE. If you are interested in the vaccination issue, please also check out the NZ screenings of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe at this... Read More | Share it now!

BioBalance 2017 Conference

Website editor’s note: The information below comes from a recent newslettter from the Australian organisation called BioBalance Health.  This organisation  provides training to health professionals about advances in neuroscience and how to treat “mental health” conditions such as depression (including post-partum depression), anxiety, autism, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD etc. with nutritional... Read More | Share it now!

Has the link between vaccines and autism been discredited?

Website editor’s note: The text below is an Open Letter from Judy Wilyman, PhD, whose thesis examined the scientific basis for the Australian vaccination schedule. Dr. Wilyman has worked tirelessly to dispel myths about vaccination. Her website is http://vaccinationdecisions.net/. if you would like to support her work with a donation I am sure that this would be much appreciated. The donations page for her... Read More | Share it now!

World Mercury Project Challenge: $100,000 for any study that proves mercury in vaccines is safe

Website editor’s note: Mercury is present in some vaccines in the form of ethyl mercury from the preservative known as thimerosal. Some vaccines contain as much as 50,000 parts per billion (ppb) mercury; for comparison the  level of mercury in drinking water that is considered to be acceptable is just 2 ppb. New Zealand is lucky in that, according to vaccine datasheets, vaccines on the childhood... Read More | Share it now!

Vaxxed documentary to screen in NZ

The excellent film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe has now had its premiere in NZ. Information about local NZ Vaxxed screenings: There are ongoing screenings and the link to access information about these is: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/d/new-zealand/vaxxed/ Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe is a documentary that focuses on how the US Centers for Disease Control covered up a vaccine-autism link. (To learn... Read More | Share it now!

First Australian Vaxxed screening for 2017

Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe – the documentary that tells the story of how the US Centers for Disease Control covered up a vaccine-autism l8nk had its first screenings in Australia in 2016. Now its first Australian screening for 2017 has been scheduled for Adelaide. (To keep up with other Australian Vaxxed news, including other screenings, please click here to be directed to the correct page of... Read More | Share it now!