Paying the price for convenience

Website editor’s note:  The following piece has been contributed by Andy Hooley who runs an electropollution consultancy called Earthwaves.. Paying the price for convenience By Andy Hooley   Early ancestors of modern humans can be traced back to around 2.5 millions years ago, and from this early time, we have grown and adapted to our environment, learning how to thrive and survive in accordance... Read More | Share it now!

Geovital Events in Nelson on September 5 and 6

Website editor’s note: The following information comes from Geovital International which provides education about electromagnetic radiation and health as well products to help create healthier homes including paints and that reduce non ionising radiation (from sources such as nearby cell phone towers) entering the home.  The company also sells high quality hypoallergenic mattresses.   New for Nelson... Read More | Share it now!

World Mercury Project Challenge: $100,000 for any study that proves mercury in vaccines is safe

Website editor’s note: Mercury is present in some vaccines in the form of ethyl mercury from the preservative known as thimerosal. Some vaccines contain as much as 50,000 parts per billion (ppb) mercury; for comparison the  level of mercury in drinking water that is considered to be acceptable is just 2 ppb. New Zealand is lucky in that, according to vaccine datasheets, vaccines on the childhood... Read More | Share it now!

WHO is failing to protect people from wireless RF radiation

Website editor’s note: Please find below an open letter to the World Health Organization from Olga Sheean on how wireless RF (radiofrequency) radiation (such as is produced by cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, wifi routers, smart meters etc.) is harming human health. . For further information please download the PDF by clicking the coloured text below:  WHO setting the standard for a wireless... Read More | Share it now!

Background information on the call for submissions on the fluoride bill

Website editor’s note:  The information below comes from a recent newsletter from Fluoride Action Network. Fluoride Action Network is based in the USA but assists activists in other countries in their efforts to end water fluoridation. New Zealand’s own fluoride organisation is Fluoride Free NZ. If you would like to make a submission (due by February 2) on the bill that the government intends to use... Read More | Share it now!

If you don’t want a toxic waste product added to all public water supplies in NZ, please act now

Website editor’s note:  The information below comes from a recent newsletter from Fluoride Free NZ. (If you need some background information on this issue you may want to read this link Words Minus Action = Zero If you are a regular reader of these newsletters you will know that Peter Dunne, Associate Minister of... Read More | Share it now!

Fluoride Free NZ TV ads are back!

Website editor’s note: The following information comes from a recent newsletter from Fluroride Free NZ.   Our TV ads are going back on TV3, this time with On Demand, available to watch on the internet. The package we bought gives us 9,100 views of the advert before shows such as Story, 6 O’clock News and Paul Henry. We are able to do this because we had some money left over from the great... Read More | Share it now!

Natural Health Expo in Hamilton November 19-20

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is proud to be a sponsor of the annual Natural Health Expo that takes place in the pavilion in the centre of Hamilton’s beautiful Hamilton Gardens. This year’s event is on November 19-20 and its theme is mindfulness. The expo website is Entry to the expo is $9 (for an adult) and then all the speakers are FREE. There is a great... Read More | Share it now!

Spray Free streets meet-up (October 29, 2016)

Website editor’s note: The following invitation comes from Georgina Blackmore from the Spray Freed Streets campaign. There is also a petition that may be signed at this link: Ban the use of carcinogenic chemical on Auckland’s roads and parks – NOW   Spray Free Streets Campaign Meet-Up: Part Two Saturday, 29 October 2016 at 9:00 AM 8 Mount Eden RdAuckland, Auckland, 1023New Zealand Dear... Read More | Share it now!

Love the beach? Please take 5 minutes to protect our coastline from seabed mining

Website editor’s note: The following information comes from a recent  email newsletter from Greenpeace New Zealand.  If you oppose seabed mining, there is information below that you can use to make a submission against this environmentally destructive practice.  The closing date for submissions is 5 PM October 14, 2016. Hi Katherine, Like the bad guy in a horror movie, seabed mining company Trans Tasman... Read More | Share it now!

FREE Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium brings together 15 experts from around the world, all sharing their perspective on various aspects of environmental sensitivities. Topics include electromagnetic hypersensitivity, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, heavy metals (including lead), indoor air quality contaminants, mould, and chemicals (including obesogens). Every interview is informative... Read More | Share it now!

Healthy hemp home to feature on Grand Designs

A healthy hemp home built in NZ is going to feature on the popular TV show “Grand Designs” this coming Sunday on Channel 3 at 8.30 PM. In addition to using healthy hempcrete as a construction material, the home incorporates GPA mesh from Geovital which substantially reduces the amount of microwave radiation (such as from nearby cell phone towers or neighbours’ wi-fi routers or  smart meters)... Read More | Share it now!

Do you want a glyphosate-free Auckland? Here’s a voting guide

Ed note: If you don’t want a probable carcinogen sprayed regularly in Auckland streets and parks you can make your vote count by using this guide below.  (NB:  If you also want to take into account the fluoride issue, then please check back at this website or our Facebook page because this information will be made available as soon as possible.) The information below comes from the campaign to rid Auckland... Read More | Share it now!

Aucklanders deserve glyphosate-free streets; please take 2 minutes to help with this campaign

Ed note: The information below comes from the campaign to rid Auckland streets and parks of the herbicide glyphosate, now classified as a probable carcinogen.  The campaigner are asking residents to send an email demonstrating their opposition to the use of this herbicide.   TAKE ACTION NOW NOTE: You must write your residential address in the email... Read More | Share it now!

Fluoride Free NZ update

This year, Fluoride Free NZ has done the following in aid of its campaign to head off a sneaky government move to introduce mandatory fluori8dation of ALL public water supplies in NZ. Here are some of the initiatives so far this year: Run Two TV ads on mainstream NZ TV that have raised a huge amount of awareness Organised a television debate hosted by Cameron Bennett Paid Professor Paul Connett’s... Read More | Share it now!

Latest glyphosate campaign information

Ed note:  the information below comes from an email newsletter sent by Georgina Blackmore from Unfortunately a couple of the events listed below have come and gone but if you would like to help with the campaogn against the herbicide glyphosate (now classified as a probable carcinogen) there are contact details at the end of the newsletter Latest glyphosate campaign... Read More | Share it now!

Latest news from Fluoride Free NZ

Below is the latest news from Fluoride Free NZ: If you can help with their fundraising campaign (to help the organisation benefit from a 2-for-1 offer), I am sure it would be most appreciated. The website for Fluoride Free NZ is   Only 4 Days Left to Reach Our Fundraising Target: $2,000 to Go!   Our Give A Little campaign which has so far raised $32,184 from 385 generous donors... Read More | Share it now!

Now online! See Professor Connett’s Christchurch 2016 talk

Christchurch is a city where the people are currently lucky enough not to have fluoride compounds added to their municipal water supplies. However, this could change if the government’s sneaky plan to introduce mandatory fluoridation succeeds.  Please share this link of international fluoride expert Professor Connett informative lecture – especially with friends and family in Christchurch and other... Read More | Share it now!