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Introducing Issue 36 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

With the news becoming increasingly bleak about the novel corona virus, with health officials repeating the mantra of helplessness, we take another look at iodine – a long forgotten super antimicrobial with a long history of success in boosting the immune system.

This issue also deals with herbal medicines for prostate issues, homoeopathy for the aggressive child, effective herbs for a better memory as well as home remedies that work for menstrual cramps.

Many people who now think of themselves as “eating healthy” are unaware of lectins. To help remedy that misapprehension, Greg Fredericks (author of Alternative and Integrative Oncology) contributes his article “Lectins: The Cause of Most Diseases” – an article as provocative as it is enlightening. It will come as a bit of a wake up call for some people who have never heard of this anti-nutrient.

Viera Schreibner has written one of the most interesting articles in this issue about how childhood diseases actually are used by the body to prime and strengthen the immune system – a fact that will doubtless come as a surprise to many people, especially those who never had measles, mumps or rubella as children and may be under the misapprehension that these are usually “serious” diseases that must be “prevented” by vaccines.

We also feature another great article about chemotherapy, pointing out many facts that are withheld from the public about its dangers and inadequacy as a therapeutic agent.

And another one about the role of turmeric in the remarkable recovery in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

All in all, another outstanding issue in New Zealand’s and Australia’s most reliable and respected natural health magazine.

Wishing you the best of health,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors



NB: Issue 36 is due to go on sale in NZ and Australia in mid February 2020 so if your local stockist does not yet have this issue it will be there soon.


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