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Introducing Issue 38 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

While Covid-19 could be likened to an uninvited visitor who just showed up unexpectedly – and refuses to take a hint and go away – we all have to get on with life regardless.

While we would not want to underestimate the impact on Covid-19, chronic disease, not acute infections, remain the most significant cause of illness and premature death in developed countries.

Accordingly, this issue features articles an article by Dr. Thomas Levy about how infected teeth and gum disease are significant, but often overlooked, contributors to chronic disease – including heart attacks and neurodegenerative conditions.

For people who are looking at treatment options for illness that are considered “hopeless” by conventional medicine we feature an article that lists little-known non-toxic treatment options.

New Zealand has the second highest age standardised rate of cancer in the world (our neighbours in Australia have the dubious distinction of having the world’s highest cancer rate) so we are very proud to present a short article by Mary Beth Gonzalez about a recently published book by her late husband, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez called Proof of Concept.  This important book is based on the “Best Case Series” that Dr. Gonzalez presented to the US National Cancer Institute in 1993.

Also is in this issue is an article on homoeopathy and cancer that covers both laboratory research as well as how appropriate homoeopathic remedies may be used to reduce the side effects of conventional treatments.

Who wouldn’t want to strengthen their lungs during winter when viral illnesses tend to spread around the community even at the best of times?  This issue features an article about Mullein, a wild and woolly herb traditionally used as a lung tonic – among its many other uses.

Given the importance of managing stress in the era of Covid-19 we reached back into our archives and share an article from our archives on simple, easy-to-practise QiGong exercises to assist in maintaining physical and mental health.

All this and much more in Issue 38 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine





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