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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is designed to empower people with knowledge about how to maintain good health – or recover from illness.  Issue 49 includes articles on many different topics including nutrition, Western herbal medicine, acupuncture and homoeopathy.

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PDF containing FREE sample of articles from Issue 49 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

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This is a free sample containing a selection of pages of issue 49

We hope that you will download the free sample of articles from this issue and also encourage family and friends to do likewise. 

In making this information available at no charge it is our hope that members of the public and dedicated health professionals alike can become better educated about the diversity of natural therapies options that are available.

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Introducing Issue 49 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

Issue 49 (we’re nearing an important anniversary!) is a cracker.

And I say that with all my objectivity intact.

With some of the best writers in the world contributing to this issue, we feature topics of vitally important interest to our readers:

The lead story is entitled “Asthma Breakthrough: How Natural Medicine is Achieving Astounding Results” – and it’s true. Homeopathy and nutritional medicine are bringing asthma sufferers major relief, and it’s provable.

It’s a great revelation to those who don’t know much about it and thought they were consigned to use a puffer for the rest of their lives.

The continuing saga of Covid shot damage and the many ways being found to mitigate it, including “Treatments for Adverse Reactions to Covid ‘Vaccines’”. And how to use Luteolin to block Spike Protein from binding to the cells. Even using spirulina may prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Editor Katherine Smith writes about growing your own food at home; and Michael Snyder takes us through the details of storing food – a topic of growing interest around the world.

Every issue of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has a section on “Warnings” and this one is no exception. From “Wireless Radiation and Free Radicals” to the designation of aspartame as a carcinogen, to the growing dangers of screen time for children, and “Reasons to Ditch Aluminium Foil” – this issue delves into the facts.

In the “Longevity Studies” section you will find “Is NAD the Fountain of Youth?” – a remarkable article on a remarkable molecule that your body can make and is also available as a supplement now. It has a very promising profile.

And don’t miss a great article on supercharging your mitochondria. Maintaining youthful mitochondrial function into old age is still the Holy Grail of optimal ageing. You’ll learn about Niacin, D-Ribose, Curcumin and PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) which are now recognised as essential for mitochondrial health.

Don’t miss our great article on Comfrey as a wound healer and cancer fighter; berries for cognitive vigour and methods being used NOW to reverse type 2 Diabetes.

Our section on Pain Relief features an article of Wild Lettuce and other herbs you may not know about.

Our section on Acupuncture features regular contributor Rick Loos whose regular column “Difficult Acupuncture Case Studies” brings you some of the ways that acupuncture can help alleviate conditions like tinnitus and atrial fribrillation.

This is just a small sample of what you will find in Issue 49.

– Jonathan Eisen, Editor



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