You may have heard of Dr Stanislaw Burzynsk.  Drt Burzynski developed a type of cancer therapy known as antineoplastons which has been successful in treating many people who have brain tumours and other types of cancer that cannot usually be cured with other medications or treatment options.

Dr Buryzynski has been the subject of two documentaries (the website for the film is and the first of the films may be seen online at this link:

Unfortunately, while he is loved by his grateful patients, Dr Burzynski has had to struggle for years against the cancer establishment which views his innovative cancer therapy as a threat to the highly profitable surgical, chemotherapy and radiation treatments usually offered to cancer patients – often even to those patients for whom these treatments are very unlikely to be successful.

More information about Dr Burzynski may be found at this link of the Truth About Cancer website:

A petition has been started by Dr Burzynski’s patients and supporters to counter the latest threat to Dr, Burzynski and the availability of his treatment.

It may be accessed via the website below:

Note to NZ readers:  Antineoplastons are not a funded treatment in NZ and the treatment is unfortunately very expensive. If you are interested in finding out more about the treatment, Dr Burzynski’s website is HERE.


Ed note:  It is far cheaper (not to mention less stressful) to avoid developing a brain tumour…for the latest news on brain cancer and mobile (and cordless) phones please see HERE and HERE.


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