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The following information is excerpted from a recent Fluoride Free NZ newsletter.  Fluoride Free NZ ( has been working to educate New Zealanders about fluoride and end the unethical practice of adding fluoride chemicals to the public water supply.

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Fluoride Debate Coming to NZ TV

People will have noticed the lack of media coverage of Prof Paul Connett’s speaking tour of New Zealand earlier this month. Despite all efforts to invite media and encourage them along to the Talks, or to at least have an article on the Talks, no media attended any of the Talks anywhere in the country.

We decided, with the help of donations to our Give A Little campaign, to pay the media to do its job. We commissioned a debate between Prof Paul Connett and Wellington-based scientist, Prof Mike Berridge. Prof Berridge works at the Malaghan Institute and has written a book which contains a chapter on fluoridation. In 2015 Prof Berridge publicly endorsed fluoridation in this TV3 piece on fluoridation.

The debate was moderated by Cameron Bennett and was done without our input. We were happy to have a fair, well-balanced debate, as the facts are on our side. Prof Connett has been asking for a debate in New Zealand for the past 13 years so we would like to thank Prof Berridge for having the integrity to stand up for his convictions.

The debate will be aired on Sky Channel 83, FACE TV, at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 17th of August as part of a “Thinking Green” special. After that it will be available on the internet so we can share with friends, family, colleagues and, importantly, our decision makers. People are much more likely to view our information when it comes with both sides presented, so they feel they can make a truly informed decision.

We are sure you will all find the half hour debate extremely interesting and a great tool for us into the future.

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