Fluoride Free New Zealand has reported that the NZ government is planning to introduce legislation to that will essentially make the fluoridation of community water supplies mandatory.  (Currently, water fluoridation is the responsible of the local authority – such as the city or district council – that provides a reticulated water supply for a city or town.)

In recent years, a significant number of local authorities in NZ have decided to discontinue water fluoridation, or have never introduced water fluoridation.

Water fluoridation is unethical because it uses the public water supply as a means to medicating the public without their consent. Ingestion of fluoride compounds can also have harmful effects on health.

The government plans to make fluoridation the responsibility of District Health Boards (DHB) which are obliged to follow government policy regarding fluoridation; thus this plan represents the imposition of mandatory fluoridation by stealth as you can read at this link.on the website scoop.co.nz

To  learn more about the government’s plan to make water fluoridation compulsory (and/or to volunteer your help with the campaign against fluoridation), please visit this link of Fluoride Free NZ’s website.

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