Many people who have become aware of the risks of microwave radiation* from wi-fi routers are now considering going back to a safe, hardwired internet connnection…
Below you can learn how to connect to the internet safely – and inexpensively.

“Hard-wiring” an internet connection need not require expensive cabling within a home.  It can be done using an existing copper phone line connection with a line filter for each phone line. (These line filters cost less than $20 each).

The price of the ethernet cabling to connect the computers to a router depends on the distance between the router and the computers. If the computers are close together, it can be less than $20.

Many modern routers are dual purpose wireless/wired and a representative of your internet company (ISP) can instruct you over the phone how to disable the wireless capacity of a dual purpose router.  (Please note that if you re-set your router for any reason, the wireless capacity will be turned back on again.)

To ensure a safe, microwave-free internet browsing experience, you also need to turn off the modems within your computer.


PS: Even an iPad may possibly be able to be connected to the internet through a wired connection; to see  video created by someone who worked out how to do this; please see the link below for details:

(Please note that I do not have an iPad so I have not been able to try this out for myself and I cannot take any responsibility for whether or not it works or is suitable for all varieties of iPad.)

*Microwave radiation was determined to be a possible carcinogen (type 2B) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer: see:


NB: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine regularly features articles on electromagnetic radiation and health has recently featured an interview with international expert on EHS, Professor Olle Johansson in issue 19.  Our online shop, where you can buy printed and PDF copies of our magazine is here.

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