Website editor’s note:  The text below is a special message from Patrick Gentempo from the excellent docu-series Vaccines Revealed.

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We’ve had thousands of questions pouring in. This is the chance to get your inquiries answered.

Here are just a few of the questions that have come in:

“I’m truly appreciative for the information, points of view, and pointers in this series. Does anyone out there know if the studies and research papers mentioned throughout the series are referenced for us in written format and provided as part of the silver or gold packets? Are there footnotes referencing these?” – R Burt

“I would like to request that some kind of forum is set up where we can continue to discuss the vaccines issue – and that this great comment thread is kept available!” – S Petterson

“(Will) Your next series be interviews that go into more depth on the healing and diet and detox processes. Many of us who have chosen to raise our vaccine damaged children, instead of pursuing careers, can simply not afford specialists and doctors. There is so much you can do with knowledge.” – R. Gaura

“This has been a truly fantastic series. As a toxicologist, I am alarmed by CDC attempting to take authority through rulemaking to literally detain people until they consent to vaccination–can you speak to that issue?” – F. Hunt

“Can you speak more to why the chickenpox vaccine has led to the Shingles epidemic? And why they decided to vaccinate against the Chicken Pox?” – A. Larsen

“I recently took my son to the Emergency Room. Is it true that in some states or hospitals, they won’t let you leave until your child is immunized?” K. Adamson

“What do we say to medical authorities when they ask if our child’s immunizations are current? It always seems to lead to a conversation where I am made to feel like a bad parent and a criminal.” B. Roobster

“If I have a puncture wound, do I have to get a tetanus shot? You didn’t talk about that one much? – In fact, what about adult vaccinations – can the hospital force them on us?” F. Vuvazuela

Get all of these… and many more questions answered!

See you there today @ 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST