Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez practised nutritional medicine in New York with his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs from 1987 until 2015, when Dr. Gonzalez passed away unexpectedly on July 21.

Their practice became well known for their success in treating people with advanced cancer using a protocol based upon personalised diet, nutritional supplements, pancreatic glandular products that supply pancreatic enzymes and detoxification routines such as coffee enemas.

At the youtube below you can see a tribute to Dr Gonzalez by Dr. Isaacs who continues to practise nutritional medicine in New York.

Dr. Issac’s website is http://www.drlindai.com/

Dr Gonzalez’s website www.dr-gonzalez.com is now the website of the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation which is has been created to “inspire, guide and educate professional healers and patients on their path to discovering and adopting effective nutritional medical protocols for prevention and disease treatment.”

To learn a little more about Dr. Gonzalez’s work, you may like to read review of one of Dr. Gonzalez’s DVDs and one of his books at the link below:





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