Paul Waddell, who runs the business SafeSpace ( ) which assesses EMR pollution in homes and other environments (and gives advice on remediation)  gave a talk and demonstration  at the Green Living Show at 3 pm on Sunday June 30, 2013.

His talk was videoed by Vincent Eastwood from The Vinny Eastwood Show  ( and the talks may now be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Full video: EMF Radiation, The Silent Killer In Your Home, Paul Waddel NZ 

Just the presentation:  EMF Radiation Dangers Exposed! Paul Waddel NZ 30June2013

Just the Q&A: Some Good Questions About EMF Radiation, Paul Waddel NZ 30Jun

Short promo clip:  We Are Electric, Our Homes EMF Is Killing Us! Paul Waddel 30Ju