Website editor’s note: The following information comes from a recent newsletter from Fluroride Free NZ.


Our TV ads are going back on TV3, this time with On Demand, available to watch on the internet. The package we bought gives us 9,100 views of the advert before shows such as Story, 6 O’clock News and Paul Henry. We are able to do this because we had some money left over from the great donations we received during our Give A Little Campaign. We were delaying putting the ads back on until the outcome of the complaints that went to the Advertising Standards Authority. We are pleased to report that the ASA ruled in our favour – that our TV ads did not contravene any of the rules around good advertising. See the press release  that we sent regarding the ASA ruling HERE

We would love to put these ads back on regular TV channels (both TV3 and TV1) but we’ve run out of funds. So if you are able to make a sizeable contribution and would like New Zealanders to see these ads, please let us know and we can arrange to air them again.


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