A healthy hemp home built in NZ is going to feature on the popular TV show “Grand Designs” this coming Sunday on Channel 3 at 8.30 PM.

In addition to using healthy hempcrete as a construction material, the home incorporates GPA mesh from Geovital which substantially reduces the amount of microwave radiation (such as from nearby cell phone towers or neighbours’ wi-fi routers or  smart meters) from being able to enter the home.

You can learn more about this at this link http://en.geovital.com/grand-designs-features-emf-radiation-shielded-new-built-hemp-home-in-new-zealand-episode-2-season-2/

NB: The images of the hemp house at the link above are NOT from the hemp house that features on “Grand Designs” but from another hemp house in NZ.

If you are interested in learning more hemp building materials, hemp fabrics or any of the many other uses of the Non-THC strains of industrial hemp, information may be found at the website of the the NZ Hemp Industries Association (NZHIA) which recently produced a national “iHemp Week”.


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