Website editor’s note:  The following piece has been contributed by Andy Hooley who runs an electropollution consultancy called Earthwaves..

Paying the price for convenience

By Andy Hooley


Early ancestors of modern humans can be traced back to around 2.5 millions years ago, and from this early time, we have grown and adapted to our environment, learning how to thrive and survive in accordance with the laws of nature. For almost all of human history we have been intrinsically linked to the rhythms of the Earth. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat has been recycled through the eons to support all life on Earth. Alongside this, we are nourished by and live in balance within the electromagnetic spectrum from the Earth and the Sun.


From the first manmade tools, there has been an evolution of technology taking us from basic implements made from stone, all the way through to the modern complexities of artificial intelligence and the expanding wireless digital world we currently know.


If we consider the abundance of technology today against the cosmic timeline, it is clear we have advanced incredibly quickly in a very short amount of time. So much so, we have now arrived at a point where technology is being integrated at a biological level with our bodies in the form of RFID chips. Given the development of such technologies, and the way communication between devices takes place, it is very important to understand and realise that technology has now overtaken and surpassed human evolution.


After the invention to harness and distribute electricity, mankind has immersed itself in artificial electromagnetic fields or EMFs. During the rollout of the earliest electric network in the USA, there followed an increase in illness and disease that is traceable to the expansion of this network. Early recognition of symptoms led to a new disease called Neurasthenia. Since this time from the late 1800’s, the world has continued to expand its use of EMFs to deliver radio frequencies, lights, microwaves, X-rays and so on. The point has been reached, where we have literally changed the electromagnetic profile of the planet. Every house, every appliance, every device that receives or transmits power uses or emits EMFs. The technology is expanding at a fast pace with the future already mapped to expand into the Internet Of Things (IOT).


What is startling to know, is that all of these manmade generated EMFs operate outside the natural cycle of the Earth. They are referred to as non-native or nnEMFs. Without these unnatural influences, all life on this planet would continue to thrive in connection with the natural frequencies around us. Sitting in our homes or places of work, we are now immersed in numerous pulsing frequencies. We eat, work, travel and sleep everyday in electrified fields, and since the invention of wireless internet transmissions, we now also live bathed in microwave radiation. At this very moment, our bodies are battling and struggling against what is essentially a toxic soup known as electro pollution. The contamination of the natural presence of EMFs has put our bodies and those of all living things under great stress.


The disease and illness around the world as well as our own intuition are markers that tell us we are separating ourselves from nature.


Within this recent cycle of change, the invention of the rubber soled shoe in the 1950’s also separated us from the natural magnetic fields. Prior to this, all shoes had a naturally conductive sole and provided us with a connection to the transfer of electrons that contribute to the recharging of our cells. Before shoes, we were always connected. Now, modern lifestyles, houses, cars, shopping malls and our insulated world all separate us from the natural frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum that we need for optimal wellbeing.


For many people, exposure to EMFs is an issue giving rise to a condition known as Electro Sensitivity or ES which is under debate and still to be officially recognised by many countries. Through a combination of environmental factors people become ES and suffer from a multitude of undiagnosed symptoms. Specific knowledge of electro sensitivity in the health care industry is very limited. Symptoms range from general discomfort with headaches, dizziness, nausea, sleeplessness, fatigue, tremors, irritability and brain fog through to debilitating pain, depression, heart irregularities and stroke. Anxiety amongst younger people is a classic symptom of high EMF exposure. Each condition can be quite unique. In more severe cases ES sufferers move house to seek sanctuary anyway they can and build highly shielded environments in which to live. Sweden is one of the more prominent countries right now with a large and active ES movement but it also growing quickly within the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Taiwan, India and many other countries.


What doesn’t make head line news is the action taken around the world by countries acting in the best interests of its citizens in relation to EMF exposure. France has banned WiFi in primary schools, Cyprus has done the same. Belgium banned sales and advertising of phones to children under 7. India has laws in place in certain regions to get permission from apartment owners before erecting cell phone transmitters and also taken action against cell towers near schools. Many countries have banned phones from schools. The list of worldwide changes is long and growing rapidly.


ES in New Zealand is increasing in awareness though not currently officially recognised. EarthWaves has joined with like minded people and manages the closed Facebook group ‘Electro Sensitive Community NZ’ where people are joining and sharing news and views on their experiences.

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The standards covering electro magnetic exposures that New Zealand follow are shared with Australia and are based on international standards from an industry funded body. These guidelines inform the World Health Organisation which the NZ Ministry of Health follows. It is well understood that the guidelines are based on an ages old conclusion that there are no non thermal effects from EMFs which is quite contrary to the incredible amassing body of evidence pointing to multiple biological effects.


Where to from here?

In an ideal world, it would be highly beneficial for us if we could simply reduce all nnEMF by separating ourselves from the AC electric and wireless networks. This, in reality is only an option if you are fortunate enough to be able to build a house and consider its EMF footprint.


So the options therefore are to work within the system to minimise and limit exposure. However, first we have to connect the dots, and realise how our current lifestyles affect ourselves and our families by understanding what is around us, and your relationship to it. You can do this by asking yourself a simple question, “Is this action working with nature or acting against nature.”


Working with nature

Understanding our nnEMF exposure is paramount for recognising potential areas to improve our wellbeing. Not being biologically adapted to live in AC, RF or MW fields we need to understand the origins of these emissions, create a distance between us, deactivate where possible and in some cases, defend ourselves from the source. Once these are actioned, we need to return as close to nature as possible. That is, ensuring our biology is reconnected with the environment through the natural channels of magnetism, sunlight and water.


How can EarthWaves help?

EarthWaves is a local business on the Kapiti Coast that was set up to help spread awareness of EMF issues. Through a combination of detection and remediation services EarthWaves help you to locate and correct your EMF exposures and provide practical advice on reconnecting back to nature. Through helping others in the pursuit of creating healthy environments we are able to reduce levels of exposure creating safe havens for everybody.


EarthWaves can conduct a tailored survey on your home or business, land or house renovations or practical advice on placement of electric installations like solar power, heat pumps, panel heaters, lighting, wiring etc. A comprehensive survey report is written after a process of detection and considered remediation. Each report covers Electric and Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequencies (Microwave Radiation), Dirty Electricity and Light Pollution. All necessary support and assistance is available to action all remediation as you require.


EarthWaves service the lower North Island and further afield through telephone support or travel when required.