If you enjoy the taste of hemp seed oil drizzled over your salad, you’re enjoying the seeds of a variety of hemp that has many other uses in addition to producing nutritious seeds that have an excellent fatty acid profile.

Industrial hemp (iHemp) has many applications including paper making, as a building material and in manufacturing durable fabric and carpets.

Right now there is a strong focus on industrial hemp in NZ, thanks to the NZ Hemp Industries Association (NZHIA) producing a national “iHemp Week”.

The NZHIA is currently running an information road show and you can find details about this at the association’s website by clicking HERE.

The information below was supplied by NZHIA.


Media Coverage of iHEMP Week

Click on the blue link below to hear exclusive coverage of the live interviews with NZHIA spokesperson Richard Barge  who was a guest on Afternoon with Jesse  on Radio New Zealand.

The topic was the “Push to allow hemp based foods in New Zealand”.

Please open the link below to read a powerful article by Glenn McConnell, which appeared in the Sunday Star Times. (You can also cast YOUR VOTE to request the Government to allow the sale of foods containing hemp.)

Click here to VOTE and read the article  NB: Voting link provided by stuff.co.nz.

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