Regular readers of this website will know that the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe will have its NZ premiere in Auckland on April 2 and there are screenings being organised in other towns and cities.

The general EventBrite link for other NZ screenings is

The website of No Forced Vaccines has recently been updated  with information about the NZ premiere of Vaxxed in English, Te Reo Chinese, Samoan and Tongan.

The general link on the No Forced Vaccines website that has information in languages other than English is:

The link to the Te Reo text is:

The link to the Chinese text is


The link to the Samoan information is:

The link to the Tongan information is

Please share these links with people you know who speak these languages who may not read English confidently.  Thank you.

NB:  If you are bilingual and have an interest in vaccination, please note that there is a request on the No Forced Vaccines website for volunteer translators.  Anyone who would like to help information about Vaxxed reach a wider audience is asked to email No Forced Vaccines via this link:



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