Why is it that when someone  is diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand, practically the only options ever offered through our tax-payer funded public health system are surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy?

How did these treatments come to be the treatment of choice for people with cancer?

While in some cases, these treatments can be helpful or lifesaving, many people do not substantially benefit from these treatments, as evidenced by cancer having become a leading cause of death in NZ.

You probably won’t learn it from your oncologist, but there are numerous treatment options for cancer that are more successful for many types of cancer than the standard conventional treatments.

(One of these treatments is the Gonzalez Therapy, which is the subject of a new book called Conquering Cancer; to learn more about this book, please click HERE.)

Many more cancer treatments will be detailed in an online symposium brought to you by Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

UPDATE:  This coming weekend (22-23 October, 2016) there is a special FREE replay of the presentations.   

Please click the link below to find out more…


What you learn at this special Truth About Cancer event could save your life – or that of a friend or family member – so please click the above link to sign up for the repeat of the symposium, and please share this link to let others know about it.

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