Website editor’s note: The world premiere of a film called Mum, Cannabis and Me took place in Wellington on September 8.  A collaborative effort between Wellington based science communications film maker Veronica Stevenson (of Spindle Fibre Films) and medical student Victoria Catherwood, the film explores the use of medicinal cannabis by patients in NZ.  It was inspired by the experience of Victoria’s mother who has been using cannabis for pain relief for her advanced cancer.

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At this stage screenings are also organised for the following towns and cities:

Auckland, Rotorua, Cambridge, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Motueka, Christchurch, Invercargill, Lyttelton.

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The Auckland screening is at Devonport’s Victoria Cinema was on September 10 at 5.20 PM and Victoria Catherwood will be present for a Q&A following the film. Here is the ticketing link for this film:

The teaser trailer for the film is below:


An educational documentary about using cannabis as a medicine for New Zealanders.


This 30-minute investigative documentary is the story of a medical student, challenging the establishment after witnessing doctors break the Patient Code of Rights because they were not having informed conversations with their patients about using cannabis as a medicine.

Victoria had first-hand evidence, observing her mum terminally ill with breast cancer, have a 30% reduction in her pain in a matter of days with medicinal cannabis, yet her mother’s doctors had no answers as to why she was experiencing this relief. This gap in institutional knowledge presented an opportunity to gather research and statistics in New Zealand and abroad to increase health outcomes and reduce harm by educating doctors, and the greater public, about using cannabis as a medicine.

This unique documentary narrated by Victoria Catherwood features interviews with a terminally ill cancer patient who discusses her choice of pain relieving medication. There is also an interview with Dr Anthony Falkov (M.D), who was the late Helen Kelly’s (NZ Union Leader, 1964-2016) cancer doctor, about how doctors can have safe but informed conversations with patients to reduce harms and increase health outcomes.

Dr Michelle Glass (PhD), a cannabinoid researcher, allowed us a sneak peek into her world-class research laboratory. We also got the lowdown from Nelson Lawyer, Sue Grey, about the legal ramifications for both doctors and patients surrounding cannabis law in NZ.

Please come along to this screening if you are seeking information about medicinal cannabis or want to know more about how New Zealand doctors can have safe and educated conversations with patients about using cannabis as a medicine.


It is free to purchase a ticket, but we kindly ask that you provide a koha to show your support for your local community who have organised this viewing.

This eventfinda page will give you a free ticket to see the documentary in Wellington.


Medicinal cannabis is used by 1 in 20 Kiwis over the age of 15.

Medicinal Cannabis can provide significant pain relief to those using it but you must be fully informed about it before proceeding because misuse can be harmful – especially when it is known to have interactions with other drugs.

The current Illegal status means that it is often excluded from the treatment discussion, as the use of cannabis (with the exception of a very expensive prescription-only product – Ed) involves breaking the law, associating with criminals and using untested products.

We hope to reduce these harms by equipping doctors and the medical community with globally sourced facts so they can have the appropriate medicinal cannabis conversations with patients.

We hope to educate doctors, so they know the science, the current medico-legal rights and laws to protect their patients and themselves.


• Victoria Catherwood (below), a fifth-year medical student at the University of Otago, a researcher, co-founder of The University of Otago Integrative Medicine Otago Group and is close to someone diagnosed with terminal cancer. She also has a BSc in Biochemistry and Psychology from the University of Canterbury, a GDip and an MSc in Cell and Molecular Bioscience from the Victoria University of Wellington.

She co-created an educational resource called ‘Case Studies in Medicine Level 1’ that acts as a medical case guide for 2nd-year medicine at the University of Otago. It is her aim to inform the medical community and the public about the relevance of evidence-based medicine in NZ to minimise patient harms.







• Veronica Stevenson (below) is a science storyteller at Spindle Fibre Films. She has a BSc in Anatomy and a Masters of Science Communication and Filmmaking. It is her aim to use film to increase the understanding and uptake of science and technology.


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