A new proposal by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA) aims to prevent companies that supply practitioner-only products  from being able to advertise their products or supply educational material to naturopaths or herbalists. In essence, the proposal, if it comes into effect will be to treat Australian naturopaths (who have degree level qualifications) as if they were a member of the public with no formal education  in natural health.

This is obviously an attack on the status of naturopaths and herbalists as health professionals and on the viability of companies who produce or supply practitioner- only products.

Natural health practitioners and members of the public who oppose this sort of restriction on the companies which sell practitioner-only products and the practitioners who use them have until July 19 to make the TGA aware of their concerns.  (The original deadline of July 12 has been extended.)  The TGA may be contacted through this link:


Letters to the Minister of Health and local MPs would also be a useful initiative, since many MPs may not know about this issue.

The consultation paper may be read at this link:


Naturopaths and herbalists are qualified health professionals who make an important contribution to the health of people in Australia and do not receive public funding. It is important that they maintain the ability to access the products, and relevant information that they need to do their job and/or extend their skills.

More information about this issue and an online petition may be found at this link:


Interviews on the topic may be accessed through this link: http://www.healthmasterslive.com/#resources