As I write, on August 13th, Auckland (the region of NZ where I live) is back in a Level 3 lockdown and the NZ Herald has reported that the army is assisting police with stopping traffic headed out of the city to ensure that people leaving the city are doing so only for travel deemed “essential”. The NZ Herald is also reporting that the new lockdown could cost the country $440 million each week.

In light of the above developments, it is timely that there is a symposium coming up on Monday 17 August 2020.  The symposium was scheduled to take place in Wellington (but will now be held over Zoom and as a livestream via Facebook)  and  features highly qualified NZ and international experts speaking on different aspects of the new viral illness that has  changed the lives of virtually everyone around the world.

The website created by the organisers of the symposium is includes a lot of interesting information. 

Details for how to access the symposium

The event page is and the Facebook page is:

Website Editor’s Note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has a post on its site that has links to other Covid-19 related information including possible treatment options for Covid-19.

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