Editor’s note:  Here is the latest news in the quest to stop Auckland Council using glyphosate-based herbicides in Auckland streets.  Please consider doing what you can to help rid our city streets and parks of this product, which was recently classified as a probable carcinogen.


Dear Friends,

Auckland Transport Board have notified us that they will now be discussing the continued use of Glyphosate (Round-Up) at their November board meeting and not their September meeting as previously advised.

This is because they are looking further into the costings of Glyphosate verses alternative non-chemical methods and need more time to get to the bottom of it.

Although this is a delay, this is really GREAT news as it shows that AT are listening to us about the true costs of weed management, which everyone now knows to be falsely reported to the AT Board and the Budget Committee.

You and I have been given another opening to keep the pressure on in the lead up to the November board meeting, so please click on our page to send Council an email and let them know how you feel.

Let’s face it!  Cost should be just one factor in the Council’s decision-making.  They shouldn’t JUST be making this decision based on cost.  This dangerous chemical affects all of us, our children, our wildlife and our environment.  So, keep telling them how you feel so that they really get the message.

Please come and join us at this important Open Board Meeting in November:

Tuesday 24th November @ 12.45pm
1 Queen Street (HSBC building)
Level 11

Keep sharing our page with your friends and family.

Thank you all for your help continued support.

Georgina Blackmore