Website editor\s note  The following text has been excerpted frm a recent newsletter from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) an organisation that advocates for freedom of choice and informed consent regarding vaccination.  

QLD MPs Call for AVN’s Billboard to be Removed


What part of Freedom of Political Speech (guaranteed by several High Court decisions) don’t these two prime examples of Australian political life not understand?


The combined message from The Hon. Stirling Hinchliffe MP, State Labor Member for Sandgate and Minister for Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs and Bart Mellish, MP, Labor Member for Aspley is as follows:


“This Billboard Has Got to Go!


“This anti-vaccine billboard on Beams Road has got to go!


“Just in the week when we’ve seen success of the HPV vaccine confirmed by Queensland clinician scientist Professor Ian Frazer, we’ve got “anti-vaxers” pushing the message that somehow if you’re unvaccinated you could be healthier.


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”

(Ed note: The above quote was sourced from Stirling Hunccliffe’s Facebook page.)

To remind everyone once again about the exact wording on the AVN’s billboard in question, here it is below:






Now, we want to ask you the obvious question (at least, obvious to most thinking people), how is this an anti-vaccine message? In fact, all this billboard does is ask a simple question – one which the AVN has been asking the government to answer for decades now.


But based on these gentleman’s words, there will now be a strong attempt to censor our message and take this billboard down.


We need your help urgently!


We are asking each one of you reading this now to take the following actions straight away. This should not take you more than 2 minutes, and if everyone does this, we will protect our freedom of speech and may even help to inform these public servants about the reasons why this question needs to be asked – and answered.


Please write to:


Mr Bart Mellish,

Member for Aspley

07 3554 7100

Facebook: @Mellish4Aspley


The Hon Stirling Hinchliffe

Member for Sandgate

07 3639 9100

Facebook: @stirlingforsandgate


APN Outdoor

07 3872 8800

Facebook: @apnoutdoor (send a private message)


All you need to say is something along these lines:


I support freedom of political speech in Australia and therefore, I ask that no attempt be made to remove the AVN’s billboard which is currently installed in Carseldine, QLD. And then sign with you name and contact details.


By all means, if you would like to share more information (for instance, if you have a family member who was injured by vaccines or you have some pertinent studies or data about vaccine risks or ineffectiveness, feel free to include that.)


Be respectful! Stay on point. And send your letters today because a decision can be made very quickly about taking this Billboard down and that would be a real shame! If at all possible, send a copy of your communication to the AVN at avnenquiries [at symbol]


Feel free to share this email newsletter with your friends and associates as well. The more people who take this action, the better for everyone.


Yours in health,

Meryl Dorey,

AVN President and founder




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