Doctor and mother Sarah J Buckley will be giving talks on various aspects of early parenthood beginning in April 2013.  Sarah Buckley, MD is the author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.  For details, please see below or visit her site 

Lecture: Birth, Babies, Breastfeeding, and Bonding

Tuesday April 30th in Brisbane
I call this “Mother Nature’s Superb Design” because our female bodies are indeed superbly designed for all of these pleasurable activities.  In fact, breastfeeding and bonding naturally follow pregnancy, labor and birth for all mammals, because this is essential for survival of the species. Conversely, when we disrupt birth (in any species!), we run the risk of disrupting these critical and delicate processes… you can find out more on the night!
NB: This was a sold-out talk in Melbourne and can’t be repeated this year
Please book early to avoid disappointment

Passage to Motherhood Conference

On May 17-18 at the Gold Coast, Australia: I’ll be talking at The Passage to Motherhood conference, with some other favorite topics: Oxytocin, liquid love, (see my Hormonal Physiology report information below) as well as a workshop on Leaving Well Alone after birth!

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From June to September,  Europe and the UK: My visit begins with an address on Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome to the International Colloquium of Catholic Bioethics, who advise the Pope, at the Palazzola, south of Rome. You can read more of my information on this important topic in my 2005 Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering ebook.  (NB this chapter is not in my 2009 edition).
Following this, I have talks (plus a family holiday) planned for
Italy: Rome, Venice, Milan
Spain: Madrid, Granada
UK:  London, Cambridge, Edinburgh
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