The NZ Ministry of Health website has announced a consultation on the regulation of natural health products.

The relevant link of the website is below.


The Ministry of Health is inviting people to make submissions on various aspects of regulations, including:

  • what the regulations and notices will specify
  • labelling requirements
  • fees associated with manufacturing and selling permitted NHPs
  • type and quality of evidence used to support health benefit claims
  • manufacturing requirements
  • permitted substances
  • conditions about which claims can be made.

If you are interested in natural health and would like to make a submission, please ensure that you are signed up to the newsletter for The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine which you can do at this link and/or the newsletter for since this should ensure that you get access to analysis of the proposed regulations that you can consider when writing a submission.


NB:  The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine supports the availability of herbal, homoeopathic remedies as well as nutritional supplements and provides information about the use of these therapies.  Our online shop (where you can download free samples of all our issues and/or purchase printed or PDF copies of our quarterly magazine is at this link: