CEASE Therapy

(Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression)


By Lee-Anne Mccall Dip. Hom. (NZ)


I recently had the privilege of attending a recent training in Auckland on CEASE Therapy. This is a post-graduate course that had previously been held only in the Northern Hemisphere. CEASE Therapy is a powerful homeopathic protocol for deeply treating and clearing toxicity in the body that may be hindering the person from a full state of health.


The therapy was designed by Dr Tinus Smits, a Dutch homeopathic physician. He developed the CEASE Therapy protocol to treat autistic children, hence its name. The types of toxicity that can be addressed range from toxic chemicals to pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics and vaccines to heavy metals. Now CEASE Therapy is being applied to other people who have some toxicity that is undermining their health in such a way that their body is prevented from responding in a long lasting manner to normal natural therapies.


Our modern environment contains literally thousands of toxic chemical substances that assault our bodies on a daily basis. Toxic influences can include chemicals in floorings and furnishings, medications, vaccines, heavy metals, pesticides and mercury amalgam fillings, to name a few. Our bodies cleverly try to maintain homeostasis or balance by storing these toxins in various places but sometimes our accumulated toxic burden can overwhelm our defense mechanisms.


Many of these toxins will disrupt our endocrine system, which includes such organs as our adrenals and thyroid.  Heavy metals can affect our nervous system and some are very slow to act and accumulate over time so may show their effects more severely as we age (such as aluminum levels in the brain which can be a factor in Alzheimer’s).  These toxins can disrupt our flora in the digestive system impairing our assimilation of nutrients, and influencing our mind and emotions.


More worryingly is that if a pregnant mother is storing some of these toxins in her fat cells and the foetus is not getting enough nutrition, then the foetus will start drawing upon the fat cells from mum to compensate.  Unfortunately this is where toxins can be passed onto the child in utero.  Mercury is one of these toxins that can cross the placenta during pregnancy.   In homeopathy, mercury in homeopathic potency, is often used to treat tonsillitis as it matches the symptoms very well.  Many young children often suffer with recurrent tonsillitis and mercury-like symptoms. One possible cause for these symptoms may be that their immune system’s development may have been adversely affected by pre-natally absorbed mercury.


Another example is the anti-depressants that some mothers take during pregnancy.  These medications may be an extra stressor for the liver to cope with, in turn stressing the developing liver of the foetus.  If the liver is compromised at all, then the digestive system is often affected and many symptoms may occur such as reflux, constipation or inability to assimilate nutrients.  Taking that into consideration, it is understandable that many children born today may already have some form of toxicity affecting their systems which may in turn make them more susceptible to having difficulty in tolerating vaccines and other medications in the first year of life.


[Ed note: Some antidepressants have been linked to an increase in the risk of autism spectrum disorders in the baby, if taken during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester. If you are taking any sort of prescription medication and planning a family, please seek professional advice about how to withdraw safely from medications that are not absolutely necessary, and to optimise your health prior to becoming pregnant. An introduction to pre-conceptual care may be found at this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/womens-health/the-importance-of-preconception-care/ ] Given the new research linking exposure to electromagnetic radiation to many health problems, including autism spectrum disorders, prospective parents would also be well advised to avoid unnecessary exposures to EMR, such as by following the suggestions at this link   https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/childrens-health-and-development/how-to-reduce-your-exposure-to-emr/ and having the EMR levels in your home checked if you are concerned about exposure from nearby or line-of-sight cell phone towers, municipal Wi-Fi hot zones etc.]


In classical homeopathy we note in great detail the client’s symptoms when they come for a consultation. We are interested in not just physical symptoms but also emotional and mental symptoms, as well as family disease history and the client’s own medical history and a timeline of major events that have happened in their life. A “constitutional” remedy is prescribed on the basis that it closely matches this group of symptoms and therefore will stimulate the healing forces of the body and mind to heal.


Sometimes clients will have a fantastic response to a well-indicated remedy but it will only last for a short time before many of their symptoms with a slightly new flavour. Another remedy will be prescribed that now seems to match the case and again the patient will have a lovely response – but only for a short time. These cases are some of our most difficult because we can see a client’s ability to respond is there, and that their health can improve, but for some reason the improvement does not last or perhaps after their initial improvement they fail to respond with any depth to further treatment.


Traditionally, in cases like this, a homeopath would be looking for that patient’s “obstacle to cure”; that is, what it is that is blocking that person from consistently moving towards health. We look at levels of stress, environmental influences, past diseases and family history to name a few. CEASE Therapy offers a protocol to identify some of these obstacles to cure that may not be so apparent.


Detoxification and the CEASE Protocol


CEASE therapy offers a way to treat the effects of toxins on the body and its physical cells and also to reduce toxins’ impact on behaviours, thoughts and emotions. In a consultation the homeopath is looking for the sequence of toxins that the person has come into contact with during their lifetime. We identify what is most likely to be causing the current symptoms that are not responding to normal constitutional care. This might be a vaccine, mercury amalgam fillings or even a specific nasal spray that had been heavily used over a number of years. We then give that same substance back to the person in homeopathic potency. The protocol also includes a constitutional remedy to support the client’s healing response as a whole and most importantly, some orthomolecular nutritional supplementation. This makes sure the body is able to detoxify as easily and gently as possible. In CEASE therapy, the same remedy may be given in several ascending potencies, sometimes over a long period of time with the aim being to remove every remaining taint from that original toxic substance. The use of different potencies act on the side effects of the toxic substance on the person’s health on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. Although it may take some months or even years to detoxify through using this method, positive changes are usually seen within the first few weeks.


Since becoming qualified in CEASE, I have begun treating several of my clients with this protocol. Several are allergy cases including hayfever, asthma and food allergies in children who have been previously vaccinated. Although they are only just beginning their journey with this method, having only had a few doses of the homeopathic remedy made from the vaccine, they are already noticing some lessening in their sensitivity to allergens. In fact I am undergoing the CEASE process myself as I detoxify from mercury amalgam fillings. The back pain that I have had for the last two years fairly constantly, has eased by 80% already after the first two weeks of being on the full programme.


This protocol must be managed and designed by a qualified CEASE practitioner due to the detoxification symptoms that may appear as the body begins to eliminate the effects of the causative substance. If you would like to find out more about CEASE therapy or find a practitioner near you, then go to http://www.cease-therapy.com This website also has parent blogs on it so that you can read about various family’s journeys and their results with the CEASE protocol.


Case history:


Ed note: The following case history is one of Dr Tinus Smits’s patients and comes from the website http://www.cease-therapy.com/successful-cases/ where there are a number of Dr Smit’s other case histories. The case below powerfully illustrates how successful this type of treatment is for some children; however not every case of autism has an easily identifiable aetiology nor is as simple to treat nor are the results as dramatic.

At times the mere detoxification of the suspected vaccine proves to be the solution of the case and often it is a first step to cure.

Rik (4 ½ years ): Diagnosis autism. He had been a perfectly normal child until the MMR vaccination at 16 months. He had developed rapidly, had been able to go up and down the stairs by himself. In the first week after his MMR shot he relapsed rapidly, mentally as well as physically. His behaviour changed dramatically: he became aggressive, was uncontrollable at the day care centre, made screeching noises, withdrew from strangers, his speech completely disappeared and his physical development stopped and even relapsed. He became a poor sleeper; eye contact was no longer possible; his pupils were fully contracted and no longer responded to light; there was no way to correct him. He had soft stools and frequent nosebleeds.

After five series of potentised MMR much has been accomplished. His pupils react to light again and eye-contact is re-established; the nosebleeds have stopped; he sleeps well again. He has resumed speaking and forms two or three word sentences. He is once again aware of and responsive to his environment. For instance, at one point he suddenly became afraid of seeing a mother duck with ducklings whereas before he never had shown any response to such a scene. He is able to reach out and make contact. He hugs his parents and people he loves, he comforts his sister when she cries. His restlessness is gone and he is able to follow instructions. His fears have decreased and his self-mutilating tendencies have completely disappeared. During each [dose of the] potentised MMR series he screamed as he had when he received the original MMR vaccination, but afterwards he steadily improved. He is back to being a normal child, the veils have been lifted.


NB: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has featured a number of articles about different aspects of autism spectrum disorders, ranging from contributing factors to different treatment options.

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