Earlier in 2015, three great international speakers toured NZ to lecture on children’s health, including Zen Honeycutt who features in the excellent film Bought.  Their presentations were videoed and are now available about the link below:



About the Speakers

Dr Michelle Perro  (pictured) – In her 30 years work as a paediatrician in the USA Dr Perro has observed the dramatic decline in children’s health. From ear infections, to allergies, kids that can’t concentrate, behavioural disorders and intolerances – Dr Perro believes we need a new toolkit to deal with children’s illness today. There is compelling evidence that gut disorders, (which include leaky gut and a reduced microbiome) are a leading contributor to weaker immune systems; the increase in autoimmune disease and a host of these problems we are now seeing. With case examples and hints thrown in, this will be a fascinating talk from a professional on the frontline.

Zen Honeycutt  – Yet another distressing night in a hospital waiting room watching her son dosed on steroids and hooked up to monitors as the result of another unforeseen allergy, was the catalyst for Zen to really start researching and take action to change her sons’ lives. Zen has connected with thousands of mums and founded Moms Across America, a nationwide coalition of unstoppable mums. This empowering and emotional talk will engage and motivate you. Zen has started a movement for change as a result of the changes she has observed in her own family. And as she has found, it’s not just about allergies, it is about LIFE and the people we love.

Dr Michael Antoniou – This scientist and academic is head of the Gene Expression and Therapy Group, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, King’s College London School of Medicine. Dr Antoniou knows a thing or two about our genes and how they affect us. But perhaps what will be interesting to many is the interconnectedness between our genes and the environment. We are seeing non-communicable illness way beyond the illness loads of our grandparents. Is it not just genetics? Is there more we should know about?


NB:  If you are interested in children’s health, you may enjoy the articles various aspects of raising healthy children that regularly feature in The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, a quarterly distributed in NZ and Australia and also available in ebook (PDF) format from our online store.