NB:  The same speakers will also be speaking in Hamilton and Tauranga;  please see this link for details.

Are you concerned about your children’s (or grandchildren’s) health?

Three highly respected international speakers, on an trans-Tasman tour, discuss what is behind the wave of allergies, intolerances and disorders affecting our children and adults today. Dr Michelle Perro (pictured), Zen Honeycutt and Dr Michael Antoniou will speak at  Victoria Avenue School, Remuera, Saturday Auckland 28th March.  (Full venue details below.)


Recent publicity about sugar consumption, and petitions calling for pharmac to fund epipens (auto-injectors that deliver adrenaline to treat life-threatening allergic reactions) have highlighted our growing health crisis. Families and professionals are struggling with sicker children as the New Zealand population is becoming more allergic, suffering, from more food intolerances, ear infections, behavioural challenges, chronic and immune related illnesses. Is it genetics or are there environmental triggers making us sicker and are we stuck with these illnesses for life?


A robust immune system is your number one defense system against all diseases, but most people, do not realize that 80 percent of our immune cells are in the gut and that maintaining  a healthy digestive system, is essential to optimal health.  So what can families do to help themselves?


There are foods that heal and there are foods that harm. Some families are already going sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo and/or removing processed foods. But is there more we can do?  Food Matters invite you to join a US paediatrician, a mum who unleashed a movement for change and a leading genetics researcher for one thought provoking evening.

Dr Michelle Perro (pictured), a paediatrician in the USA for 30 years, believes we need a new toolkit to deal with children’s illness today. There is compelling evidence that gut disorders, (which include leaky gut and a reduced microbiome) are a leading contributor to weaker immune systems. With case examples and hints thrown in, this will be a fascinating talk from a professional on the frontline.

Zen Honeycutt has connected with thousands of mums and founded Moms Across America: a nationwide coalition of unstoppable mums. This empowering and emotional talk will engage and motivate you. It is about LIFE and the people we love.

Dr Michael Antoniou is a scientist and academic. He is head of the Gene Expression and Therapy Group, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, King’s College London School of Medicine. Dr Antoniou knows a thing or two about our genes and how they affect us. But perhaps what will be interesting to many is the interconnectedness between our genes and the environment. We are seeing non-communicable illness way beyond the illness loads of our grandparents. Is it not just genetics? Is there more we should know about?

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear these three high caliber speakers sharing the same platform.


Auckland event details:

Venue: Victoria Avenue School, 282 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland

Time and Date: 7 pm, 28th March.
$15 for Pre ticket sales or if you bring a friend on the night.

Door sales $20 – Cash only.

Reservations for Auckland 027 5050 808 or facebook message https://www.facebook.com/childrenfoodandhealth


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