As reported at this link, there is concern in the medical profession about the  “Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement” (TPPA) could adversely impact on New Zealanders’ ability to access health care when they need.

There is also concern from many other sectors of society, including groups that oppose health-destroying genetically engineered “foods”, anti-smoking campaigners (who fought for years to get graphic health warnings on tobacco products in NZ as well as other initiatives that have helped to reduce the number of people who take up smoking who could see all their hard work negated), environmental groups and unions who are concerned about further erosion of worker’s rights.

Unfortunately, the current NZ government has indicated that it is planning to sign the TPPA despite the fact that the text of this document is still secret.  From the small amounts of information that have been leaked into the public domain, it is clear that the agreement would favour  the interests large corporations and potentially be a disaster for all countries who sign it as corporation could sue governments should a government pass a piece of legislation that could be deemed to impact adversely on corporate profits.

Nationwide protests against the TPPA have been organised for March 7.  You can find out more about this issue (including how to join local protests) at  and here