Just a note that if you were planning to write a submission on the assisted suicide bill but have not yet had time, you now have a a bit more time as the closing date for submissions has been extended until Tuesday 6 March 2018.

To read all about the assisted suicide bill and find out why it is important that YOU (and as many other people as possible) take a few minutes to write a submission on this bi8ll, please see the link below:

Call for submissions on assisted suicide bill


About The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

Ed note:  The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine features articles about various aspects of health. The Jounal includes information about both the prevention of and treatment options for many illnesses, including those diseases which frequently have an unnecessarily fatal outcome such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

To give some examples: Issue 23 features an article about EDTA chelation therapy for cardiovascular problems and Issue 27 features a review of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s book Conquering Cancer Volume 2. (Videos of Dr. Gonzalez may be accessed HERE.)

The Journal also includes information about treatment and prevention options for many other different conditions, including so-called “mental health” problems (which often have a physical cause) such as depression or anxiety or psychosis.

(For example, issue 9 includes an article on a non-toxic nutrient based treatment for schizophrenia while issue 24 features an article on pyrrole disorder which can contribute to symptoms such as anxiety, depression or behavioural problems in children.)


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