The above image of billboard, in Perth, Western Australia, which asked the questions “What’s in a vaccine?” was removed on 21 June 2018 one week into a four week contract.

The billboard includes the website link to the site

This site ( was started by an ex-Merck sales executive Brandy Vaughan who is now on a mission to warn people about the risks of pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

The ironic thing considering the huge outcry about the billboard is that if you would like to find out what’s in a vaccine before making a decision about it you can also find this information on many government websites.

Checking the ingredients of any vaccine you may be considering for yourself or your children is a prudent thing to do, especially if you have a personal or family history of allergies  or you want to avoid vaccines that contain certain ingredients for ethical reasons (such as those that use cells derived from aborted foetal tissue as a culture medium for the vaccine viruses.)

To find out what’s in a vaccine in NZ you can do a search for any vaccine at this link of Medsafe’s website:

However, please note that while none of the vaccines on the NZ schedule list the mercury based preservative thimerosal on the data sheets, this may not mean that all the vaccines on the vaccination schedule promoted by the NZ Ministry of Health are in fact mercury-free.

A study published in 2010 showed that there was a small amount of mercury in the vaccine Infanrix-hexa.  (  This vaccine is on the schedule in NZ for babies aged six weeks, three months and five months of age.

Also, while most vaccines for babies children here in NZ (with the above mentioned possible exception of Infanrix-Hexa are mercury free, many of them still contain aluminium salts. This is a concern due to animal researching linking an aluminium adjuvant to brain damage.  (Please see this link:


Parents’ Rights in NZ

In NZ, children do NOT have to be vaccinated in order to attend childcare  or school and parents can choose for their children to have some vaccinations and not others or to delay vaccinating their child until s/he is older rather than having vaccines administered according to the schedule promoted by the Ministry of Health.  The organisation WAVESnz supports parents’ rights regarding vaccination.

Vaccination Event Coming up in Sydney

If you live in Sydney, there is a conference is being held in Sydney on Saturday June 30th that is titled “The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia”. At this conference academics and citizens will present the scientific evidence and arguments that are being dismissed and suppressed by the Australian government as “anti-vaccination material”. Tickets can be bought on this link 


Ed note:  A source of accurate information regarding the science and politics of the vaccination issue in Australia is the website of Judy Wilyman PHD whose latest newsletter covered the issue of the successful attempt censor the Perth billboard.  Dr,. Wilyman’s website is  If you would like to support Dr. Wilyman’s work with a donation, this link of her website has a PayPal button through which you can make a contribution.

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