If you think that parents should make vaccination decisions for their children – and that those decisions should be informed decisions, made without any coercion, you’re in good company.

Worldwide, a huge number of people agree with you. (In fact, probably the only people who would have any serious disagreement with this eminently sensible position would be the type of hardcore pro-vaccine zealot who would like to see every man, woman and child on this earth vaccinated – regardless of whether or not  they wanted to be vaccinated or whether the vaccine(s) in question were safe and effective.)

In NZ, parents are able to freely choose whether their children have all of the vaccinations currently recommended by the NZ Ministry of Health, some of them or to remain naturally vaccine-free. In NZ, a child’s vaccination status  does not prevent him or her from being able to enroll in an early childhood education service or in a school.

However, in Australia, despite thousands of people writing submissions against it, the government recently passed the “No Jab No Pay” legislation which financially punishes families that do not vaccinate their children in accordance with this new law.

This has been a severe set-back for Australian families who want to make a free and informed choice about their children’s health care.

However, advocates of freedom of choice in Australia are fighting back against the No Jab No Pay legislation.

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network (AVN) an organisation which supports the rights of parents to make decisions about their children’s vaccinations is in the process of obtaining legal advice about a challenge to the “No Jab No Pay” law.

To learn more about this issue (or to pledge money to support this cause), please go to this link of the AVN’s website.


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