Ed note: This event has come and gone but Dr Maisch’s talk in Remuera was videoed and when this footage has been posted online, this link will be updated with the link.


Visiting electromagnetic radiation expert Dr Don Maisch, PhD (who runs www.emfacts.com) gave a free public lecture on “smart meters”, including health risks in Remuera on Tuesday 26th November. The informative lecture and power point presentation included question time in which members of the public shared their experiences with smart meters, including reporting symptoms developed after  exposure to “smart meter” radiation as well as being able to ask Dr Maisch questions.

Dr Maisch will be speaking on Auckland’ North Shore on Thursday November 28th.  Details are at this link:


The next “smart meter” related event after Dr Maisch’s talks will be the free Auckland screening of the new documentary Take Back Your Power on November 30. Please see this link for details: http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/uncategorized/take-back-your-power-free-auckland-screening/


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NB:  The illustration for this post is the cover image for Dr Maisch’s thesis The Procrustean Approach.