Website editor’s note:  Below is a newsletter from the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation.:

Today The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation is pleased to announce the new Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez Video Library. After researching Dr. Gonzalez’s past lectures, interviews and tributes to him, we gathered the best of them here, all in one place, to make it easier for you to learn about his work and The Gonzalez ProtocolTM.


At launch, there are 17 videos of various lengths as well as a collection of Dr. Gonzalez’s radio interviews. PLUS, we’ve added a never-been-seen-before video explaining The Gonzalez ProtocolTM and the future research plans of our foundation. We will continue to add to this library over time. Each piece includes detailed description of the content and soon we will include a search feature so you can easily sort through the content.


Our non-profit 501 (c) 3 foundation’s mission is to fuel the future of Dr. Gonzalez’s legacy by preserving, promoting and propagating his holistic individualized nutrition protocols in the education about The Gonzalez ProtocolTM  for the prevention of cancer and other degenerative diseases. We hope that this library will inspire, guide and educate professional healers and patients on their path to discovering and adopting effective nutritional medical protocols for prevention and disease treatment.


Please share this library with those interested in learning how to incorporate Dr. Gonzalez’s work into their own practice and with anyone interested in improving and protecting their health by using natural therapies.



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Dr Gonzalez’s award-winning book What Went Wrong which describes how a clinical trial of his nutrition, enzyme and detoxification treatment for cancer was sabotaged, was reviewed in issue 11 The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  A free sample of articles from this issue may be downloaded via this link:  while this issue may be purchased in PDF form from this link or as a printed magazine from this link.

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