There have been no cases of Ebola in New Zealand.  However given that this viral infection has an incubation period of up to (approximately) three weeks, there is a possibility that people could arrive in NZ who have been exposed to the virus while they were overseas.

For this reason, we have chosen to put this post online so that information about possible treatment options is publicly available if cases of Ebola do occur in New Zealand.

The first possible treatment option is high dose vitamin C.  The rationale for this treatment is that Ebola is a haerrohagic infection and it appears plausible that this symptom is due to the viral infection rapidly depleting the body’s vitamin C reserves causing an acute scurvy.  You can read an article about vitamin C as a possible treatment for Ebola by Dr Levy who is the author of two excellent books on vitamin C.  Dr Levy visited NZ after Waikato farmer Mr Allan Smith recovered from double white out pneumonia caused by influenza) after being administered high dose intravenous vitamin C (hence the image used to highlight this post.)

Dr Levy’s article is at this link:

Another possible treatment option is blood products from people who have had an Ebola infection and recovered.   You can read about this option here:


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