The editors of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith are among the speakers at the International Holistic Cancer Symposium which is coming up in Auckland on March 24-25 at the Quality Hotel, 20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland.  (Please note that this is a different location from the one initially advised on this website and on posters and the advertisement in issue 29.)

The symposium features many other great speakers from New Zealand and around the world, including Bruce Lipton,PhD, author of The Biology of Belief , medicinal cannabis expert Dr Allan Frankel MD, Ty Bollinger (creator of The Truth About Cancer docu-series), oncologist Dr. Anna Goodwin and many more.

You can learn more about the International Holistic Cancer Symposium  at the event’s websiteand Facebook pages which are below:



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Dr Gonzalez’s award-winning book What Went Wrong which describes how a clinical trial of his nutrition, enzyme and detoxification treatment for cancer was sabotaged, was reviewed in issue 11 The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  A free sample of articles from this issue may be downloaded via this link:  while this issue may be purchased in PDF form from this link or as a printed magazine from this link.

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