Well-known environmental activist, consumer advocate and legal consultant Erin Brockovich posted the following message on her Facebook account yesterday calling for an end to fluoridation, for hearings to hold public officials accountable, for organizations to rescind their endorsements, and for further research on removing accumulated fluoride from our bodies:

“After a great deal of research and personal thought, I am opposed to the continued policy and practice of drinking water fluoridation; I believe this harmful practice must be ended immediately. Public drinking water is a basic human right; and its systematic use as a dispensary of a substance for medical purposes is deplorable.


Shocking revelations are surfacing in the growing scandal; real harm from fluoride affects people of all races and ages, but one of the especially shocking aspects of the scandal is how dental and government officials responded when The Lillie Center for Energy & Health Studies publicized the science showing disproportionate fluoride harm to the African American community. Minority community and civil rights leaders have been speaking out, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King. Ms. King recently posted on my Facebook page that I should keep shining the light on Fluoridegate. Ms. King also called for public hearings, and I agree: it’s time for meaningful public hearings. There are numerous documents and aspects to this scandal that investigative bodies and investigative journalists will want to examine.


Now is the time for professional and consumer advocacy groups that have blindly lent their name to support drinking water fluoridation to rescind that permission. How many of them actually conducted their own reviews before allowing their name to be used? And now is the time to ask the hard questions about the nature of the relationship between trade groups, our surgeon generals, and other government officials concerning drinking water fluoridation.


As a mother and grandmother, I am concerned about families in fluoridated communities using fluoridated drinking water from their tap to mix infant milk formula. I am concerned that the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences has designated kidney patients, children, diabetics and seniors as “susceptible subpopulations” that are especially vulnerable to harm from ingested fluorides. How can we in good conscience give susceptible persons an uncontrolled amount of fluorides in water? I also strongly support Drinking water utility professionals, many I know many deplore and feel guilty about the idea of dispensing medication through drinking water and working with the dangerous fluoridation chemicals.



Drinking water fluoridation takes away people’s freedom to choose what they take into their bodies. Low income families may not have the financial means to avoid over dosing with their drinking water.



I call for four avenues of action:


 1. An immediate repeal of all laws that require or enable fluoridation.
2. Holding of Fluoridegate hearings at both national and state levels.
3. For professional associations and advocacy groups to rescind allowing their names to be used to support drinking water fluoridation.
4. For key research to immediately begin on how to safely remove fluorides that have accumulated in people’s bones and pineal glands.

My career has been about making people aware of harmful exposures and the deception that often accompanies those exposures. Drinking water fluoridation is harmful, we’ve been deceived to believe it is safe, and with new found knowledge we must all act now to stop it.” (See original post)

For those who don’t know, Erin Brockovich was instrumental in substantiating the poisoning of Hinkley, California, by hexavalent chromium discharged from the operations of Pacific Gas and Electric. An excellent movie (with Julia Roberts playing Brockovich and winning an Oscar for her portrayal) was made about this corporate crime.

In February, Brockovich posted a message on Facebook calling for Flint, Michigan to end fluoridation in response to budget shortages that lead to Safe Drinking Water Act violations.


“Hey… Flint, Michigan. I have been conducting my initial review of your water treatment records. Clearly, we all know this mess you are in is economically driven and not a true water quality crisis. 

So, if its economics, why are you spending as much as $3.00 per person (person not connection) adding Fluoride to the drinking water? Last time I checked Water Treatment professionals weren’t pharmacists… so what’s up? This is an expense you don’t want or need… adding any drug to Drinking Water is a problem… Please spend your resources on cleaning up the Drinking Water and stop pumping out drugs. 


More to follow.”

Brockovich did more then make a statement, she took action.  Days later, one of her colleaguespresented the Flint, Michigan City Council with a cost analysis of their water system along with more than twenty recommendations to decrease costs and provide safe drinking water to the public.

Please show Ms. Brockovich that you support her opposition to fluoridation by liking, sharing, and commenting on her post.  Let’s help her comments go viral on the internet!


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Stuart Cooper

Campaign Manager

Fluoride Action Network


NB:  if you are interested in fluoride and health issues, The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has featured high quality articles on this topic.  You may browse the first 20 pages of each issue at this link or purchase copies from our online store at this link.

The NZ organisation working diligently to end water fluoridation in NZ is Fluoride Free NZ