The must-attend event of 2015…

Food Matters Aotearoa Conference

Speaking Tour, 9-20 Feb 2015 in major Cities, NZ

Conference, 14-15 Feb 2015, Te Papa, Wellington

Have you been wondering?

  • How nutritious is your food and how it is produced?
  • Should New Zealand embrace GM food production?
  • Are alternative farming methods able to feed the world and produce healthier food?

Food really does matter, especially when it comes to addressing the problems of an increasingly vulnerable global system. We invite you to hear speakers with different indigenous and international perspectives on solutions to the challenges we face.

Register now and help guide decisions that will set the course for our environment and the nature of food for coming generations. Food Matters.

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Speakers include:

* Prof. Don Huber

* Prof. G-E Seralini

* Dr Vandana Shiva

* Prof. Gu Xiulin

* Jerome Douzelet

*  Bob Mackley