The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is pleased to announce that we have become a media partner for the Healthplex and Nutraceutical China (HNC) 2016 expo in Shanghai, China.

“Since the The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine was launched in 2011, it has included articles on a wide variety of natural health modalities, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is very popular in New Zealand,” explains editor Katherine Smith.  “The Journal has also supported many natural health-focused events in New Zealand, including the 2013 and 2014 WellFest expos and Hamilton’s very popular annual Natural Health Expo and the Dunedin Health and Spirit Festival, among others. We were a media partner for the HNC expo in 2015 and we are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with the HNC expo again for its 2016 event.”

The HNC 2016 expo is an international event which attracts visitors from all around the world and showcases Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern nutraceuticals and many other health-related products.

The expo takes place in Shanghai, a bustling city on the delta of the Yangtze River which features many attractions of interest to tourists, including the Yuyuan Gardens (dating back to the Ming dynasty), the Jade Buddha Temple and the Shanghai Museum which includes displays of a large variety of ancient Chinese art and artefacts including bronze work, ceramics, jade, painting, calligraphy and furniture.

To learn more about the HNC 2016 expo, please click here (or on the logo, below) to be directed to the English version of the expo website.

The (English language) Visitor Registration page of the expo website is HERE.

A brochure for this year’s expo may be downloaded here:

HNC 2016 sales brochure_low

The Chinese language website for the expo is at this link

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