Please help keep NZ’s locally grown food supply GE-Free by supporting GE Free NZ and the Whangarei and Far North District Council’s plans to keep genetically engineered crops out of their area.  Thank you. 

Support Precaution on GMO’s – Protect our existing valuable GE-Free status in Northland and Auckland region

Easy Submission Guide – August  September 2014

Please support Whangarei District Council…and Far North District Council’s excellent collaborative proposed GMO Plan changes

It is about making two separate submissions – which can be emailed or done online – to the Whangarei District Council, and to the Far North District Council, supporting their excellent proposed GMO District plan changes to protect our biosecurity, existing non GM farmers and environment


WDC and FNDC sensibly propose banning all genetically modified organism releases, and to also put in place strict controls should the Environmental Protection Agency (based in Wellington) decide to approve any outdoor GE experiments/ field trials in the Northland region
These are vital submissions if you want to continue to be able to have a GE Free environment up  here in the north.   It’s easy!  Have your say!




for more details 🙂
Please email your submissions – one each – direct to WDC and to FNDC before 4pm Tuesday 9 September
Email your submission to WDC at
Email your submission to FNDC at


You can do your submissions online-

Make an online submission to WDC via:

Before the deadline of 4pm, 9 September (for WDC submissions)


You can print off the FNDC submission form from the Far North District Council website and post/ fax it in to FNDC:

Before the deadline of 5.00 p.m, Tues 9th September (for FNDC submissions)

For more information about Genetic Engineering and the work of the Inter-Council Working Party 


Or contact GE Free Northland


Or go to-

For general guidelines see

A more detailed version of the GE FREE NORTHLAND action alert is up on the GE FREE NZ website: