Website editor’s note: The following information comes from the latest newsletter of the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association (NZHIA). This organisation promotes the use of industrial hemp, a variety of hemp which produces nutritious seeds as well as fibre which may be used to make fabric, paper or building materials.  (Industrial hemp utilises strains of cannabis which contains no or negligible amounts of THC, so these varieties of hemp may be legally cultivatedin NZ, provided government licensing requirements are met.)  

Hemp foods will be available for human consumption in NZ in 2018

The market for nutritious plant based EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and protein has a new entrant. Hemp seed food will be available next year.

Hulled hemp, protein and flour will finally join hemp seed oil on the shelves of our shops.

Great news for the growing consumer demand in New Zealand, Australia and especially with our trading partners in Asia.

Australia New Zealand Food Safety (ANZFSA) the website has information on the History of this issue.  The contents of the variation can be found on the website.
The discussion document on this variation will be available for consultation after the election and any regulatory changes should be made in the first half of 2018