The information below comes from the Health Freedom NZ Trust – Ed.
How to search the Permitted Ingredients Whitelist
If you’ve received the Excel file and can’t open it or search it, here are some tips…The file is here:


Note: This is the proposed whitelist of permitted ingredients which also includes in red those ingredients which they propose to ban.

To view the Permitted Ingredients Whitelist
If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can download a viewer at this link (for Microsoft PCs). Save the file (total 75mb) then double click to run it, and accept the installation defaults. Once installed, you can open the viewer and view the Excel file.

To Search the Permitted Ingredients Whitelist
Either from Microsoft Excel, or the viewer installed above, you can select the key CTRL-F to find any text string in the file. You can select various options and click Find Next to jump to the next text entry.

What the Columns mean
Click on the Explanatory Notes tab at the bottom, it states that if it’s written in red the ingredient has been determined to be unacceptable. Lines 79 -81 explain what Y, N & U mean in the Outcome Column. If you go back to the listing there is a ‘Reason’ column, which states ‘rejected by IJEACCM on safety grounds’. IJEACCM stands for The Interim Joint Expert Advisory Committee on Complementary Medicines, a NZ/Australian initiative.