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The Promise – the truth about the routine breast screening program”.

If you have breasts, or you love someone who has breasts, this film may be one of the most important you will ever see.

Wednesday, 25th June 7.00pm.

Wesley Centre, 100 Thirteenth Avenue ( map link )


Entry $8.00, cash only, at door (light supper included)

‘The Promise’ is a well researched, authoritative documentary that examines the benefits and risks of mass mammographic screening, and looks at alternative screening methods that address its shortcomings. The film’s title comes from the ‘promise’ that screening mammography will reduce the incidence of late stage breast cancer and cancer deaths by detecting breast cancer early; however, after 25 years of breast cancer screening in the UK, it seems that it is not living up to this promise.

With an increasing body of peer-reviewed independent research shedding doubt on the efficacy and safety of mammograms this film is a must-see. (See attached resource sheet for further information and links to research).

Guest speakers Truly Godfrey and Dr Mike Godfrey will be on hand to answer questions, discuss alternatives, and demonstrate a thermography machine in action (we reassure you no breasts will be bared during the demo!).

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We look forward to seeing you there.


Tauranga Monthly Film Nights team.

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Testimonials for this film include:

“Wonderful film, thought provoking, challenging and intelligent. This film gives women information and options to take their health back into their own hands”

“Loved the film for the way it gives information and exposes the misinformation given to women who really believe they are taking care of their health when they show up for a mammogram”

“Very impressed by a logical common sense review…It has become apparent that archaic systems of detection and procedure may border on barbaric. Quite simply the whole system needs to be reviewed and women need to be informed of choices…”.

NB:  If you are interested in reducing your risk of breast cancer, and other cancers, you will enjoy The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Our home page is You can buy copies or download free “peek inside” PDFs of the first 20 pages of each issue from our store at this link: