Issue 11 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine will go on sale in retail outlets this coming week (from 29 October) and will also be posted out to NZ subscribers on Tuesday October 29, so they should arrive this coming week.  (Australian subscribers should receive their copies in the the first week of December.)

To celebrate this new issue we are having a launch event on November 3rd, featuring three guest speakers.

Allison Roe

Dr Gerald Lewis

Tom Brown


Details are:

When: 3 November 2013

Where: Grey Lynn Community Centre,
510 Richmond Rd

Grey Lynn, Auckland

Time: 2PM – 6PM




Each of our three speakers is outstanding, in different ways. You’ll see.

Allison Roe, MBE is a NZ icon, first a champion marathon runner, and in recent years as an elected member of the Waitemata District Health Board in Auckland – a “people’s champion” for honest medicine . She has organised sports events, helped launch thermography in NZ and contributes to many other activities promoting women’s health.


Dr Gerald Lewis is one of the precious few cardiologists who has expertise in both nutritional as well as conventional medicine. With his enormous ability he has been a guiding light in NZ for “integrated medicine” that is authentically “evidence-based”. His scientific papers include –

  • MD theses on “the treatment of patients after open heart surgery”
  • Many publications in medical journals and papers.
  • Presentations at international meetings
  • Author of 4 books – on Heart Disease, Cancer and Nutritional Supplements

Tom Brown is the former editor of Borderlands Science journal and has had the temerity to think outside the box … and then write and lecture about his discoveries for the past forty years. He is one of today’s more interesting explorers of multi-dimensional healing. He is the Science Editor of Uncensored magazine.