The official launch of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine was held at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Auckland, New Zealand  on Saturday, May 7th from 2 – 5.30pm.

Editors Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith spoke about the role that they hope The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine will play in empowering New Zealanders to live longer and healthier lives.  Contributing editor Allison Roe spoke about the importance of people having the knowledge that they need to maintain and improve their own health.

The launch also featured several special guests.

Will Hinchcliff from Primary Heart Care spoke about how  he learned about EECP therapy when he was an elite level sportsman in the USA and decided to bring the technology to New  Zealand.  He was joined by music legend Ray Columbus who shared his story of how his extensive cardiovascular disease (caused by years of heavy smoking) was reversed by EECP therapy, while diabetes patient educator Jim Cribb explained how the treatment saved his leg from amputation.

Herbalist Malcom Harker, who is relaunching his iconic brand of  traditional herbal medicines gave a moving speech about his life and work.

Mike Cushman spoke about how the government funded National Screening Unit colluded with other organisations to try to destroy the small businesses offering thermography services to NZ women who want a radiation-free means of monitoring their breast health.

Dr Mike Godfrey who was the pioneer of breast thermography services in NZ also spoke at the launch, relating how a patient of his had introduced him to this technology.  He also explained the basics of  the science of thermography.

The final speaker for the day was farmer Allan Smith who is now famous worldwide for surviving white-out pneumonia and hairy cell leukaemia after his family refused to allow his life support to be turned off (as his doctors had recommended) but insisted that he be given the high dose intravenous vitamin C that cured him.   Allan has now become an eloquent advocate for the rights of patients to receive vitamin C treatment and spoke about how he has helped other people survive bad prognoses.

The editors and staff of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine would like to thank the many people who attended the launch for their support – especially those who traveled so far to join us in the celebration of the publication of the first issue of the journal.

Video footage of the launch (in a raw, uncut version) may now be viewed at the following link on Youtube: