“Magnetic Healing” is a term coined by the New Zealand healer Colin Lambert to describe a type of healing in which the healer uses his or her hands to work on the “magnetic field around the body, rather than working on the body itself”.

Colin Lambert was the author of six book books on the healing technique that he used, and he also taught the technique to others in New Zealand, as well as flying overseas twenty-five times to teach.

He set up the organisation called ‘Magnetic Healers Unlimited in 1998 with Kathy Moore as co-ordinator. Colin Lambert passed away in 2006 but his legacy of healing continues with the students he taught.                 .

The technique is applicable to animals as well as humans.

Magnetic Healers Unlimited ( http://www.magnetichealers.org.nz/ ) is running workshops on magnetic healing.


25th – 26th June TAUPO

10th – 11th September CHRISTCHURCH

15th – 16th October PALMERSTON NORTH.

These courses are open to the public, complimentary & medical practitioners.

Registration contacts are as follows:

Taupo & Palmerston North: Lyn Pollock, rainbowinsights [at symbol] @hotmail.com 06 323 7468 or 027 406 7750

Christchurch: Kathy Moore,   kathyauric [at symbol] actrix.co.nz or

06 354 9317



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