Website editor’s note:  The NZ government is currently holding an inquiry into addiction and mental health in New Zealand.  The information below has been taken from the relevant website page.  If you would like to contribute to this inquiry, the closing date is Tuesday June 5 at 5 PM.


The Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction was established by the New Zealand Government in response to widespread concern about mental health and addiction services in the mental health sector and the broader community.

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The Inquiry want to hear from you about what’s working well, what’s not working well, what could be done better and what sort of society would be best for the mental health of all of our people.

Here’s how you can participate, submissions can be made either:

We want to hear from you, submissions close on Tuesday 05 June at 5pm.


Full information is at the link below:



About The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

Ed note:  The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine features articles about various aspects of health.

The Journal pften includes information about treatment and prevention options for many other different conditions, including so-called “mental health” problems (which often have a physical cause) such as depression or anxiety or psychosis.

For example, issue 9 includes an article on a non-toxic nutrient based treatment for schizophrenia while issue 24 features an article on pyrrole disorder which can contribute to symptoms such as anxiety, depression or behavioural problems in children.

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