Website editor’s note: Both Australia and NZ have a “mental health” system which uses a variety of prescription drugs to treat symptoms such as mild-moderate depression or anxiety or serious problems such as psychosis – often without investigating or treating the cause(s) of these conditions.

Many of these medications have serious side effects.  Withdrawal from many of these medications can be very difficult.

Accordingly, the “mental health” system has been wreaking havoc on the health and lives of many individuals and their families.

(Please note:  Due to the potential for unpleasant or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms, psychiatric medications should never be suddenly discontinued, but should be tapered off carefully with appropriate support.)

In February 2017, internationally recognised experts on mental health, Professor Peter C Gøtzsche, medical journalist Robert Whitaker and Melissa Raven, a psychiatric epidemiologist and policy analyst will be visiting NZ and Australia along with New Zealander Maria Bradshaw from CASPER.

The NZ only portion of the tour will also feature Dr Bruce M. Z. Cohen, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Roger Mulder.

The Australian tour will also include psychiatrist Dr Niall McLaren and Moniquea Spiteri who is a somatic (body) psychotherapist.

The tour website is:

The dates and venues for their presentations may be found at the link below:



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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is a quarterly magazine that covers a wide range of topics of interest to people who are interested in enjoying good health, including treatment and prevention options for many different conditions, including so-called “mental health” problems (which often have a physical cause) such as depression or anxiety or psychosis.

(For example, issue 9 includes an article on a non-toxic nutrient based treatment for schizophrenia while issue 24 features an article on pyrrole disorder which can contribute to symptoms such as anxiety, depression or behavioural problems in children.)

The Journal also includes information about general health, including nutrition, potentially harmful chemicals and unnecessary exposure to ionising and non ionising electromagnetic radiation.

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