Website editor’s note:  The following message comes from the producer of the Female Brain Summit – the exciting online event that empowers you with information about how to protect your brain and enhance its function…These presentations will be FREE for Mother’s Day (May 14).

NB: This is a US-based event so it may begin on Monday NZ time.  Details are below.

Mother’s Day ENCORE coming!

Mother’s Day… the day to fill your heart with love.

And while you’re at it, why not fill your head with knowledge, too?

The Female Brain Summit ended last weekend and listeners absolutely loved it, both women AND men.

But many folks didn’t get a chance to hear the sessions. Life gets so darn busy sometimes…

Fortunately, the host – Maureen Garry – is bringing it back as a Mother’s Day gift to you!

Beginning at 12:01 am Eastern on Sunday, May 14, all the summit videos will be up for 27 hours of free viewing.

They will come down that night at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Gotta wrap your brain around the timing on that one.

Whether you’re a mother or not, you can honor yourself on Mother’s Day by enriching your gray matter.

Register here to be sure you’re notified of the Mother’s Day Encore.

See you this weekend!

P.S. This Mother’s Day is your second chance to catch all the Female Brain Summit sessions. The entire summit will be up and available for your listening pleasure for 27 hours only.

Be sure you’re registered by clicking here, [insert affiliate link] then keep an eye on your inbox (on Saturday) for the link!


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